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Why you should use our service!
The ordering of business cards can unnecessarily tie up a member of staff for far too long, and with artwork going back and forwards, traditional costs are now also unnecessarily high.
If your Company orders a minimum of 5 boxes of Business Cards per year then Click Business Cards has a service you'll be very much interested in.  We can save you time and money at just $49.95 per box of 250 cards. We can take all the hassle out of the way you buy your Corporate business cards.
We have two types of Corporate Business Cards.
Some of the corporate card templates we have on our site are what we call generally available corporate templates. These will typically be cards that apply to several independent businesses, such as real estate agents or other franchisees. Some examples are RSPCA cards and Caltex cards.
If you are a franchisee or are part of an independent business operating under a common corporate banner, then please check whether we already have your card template on file.
To check just type in the name of your organisation here and click search.

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The other type of card template we have are what we call private corporate templates.
These are card templates that can only be used by a specific Click Business Cards customer. No one else can see or use these templates.
What happens next?
Firstly, if you have your own company logo, and you are relatively competent in using the internet, you can Upload your own logo and generate your own business card template on our website using Option 2 on our Home Page.
But if you would rather us set up your artwork, making a template available for you, we are only too happy to do this for you. You should simply complete the following FORM and we can get started straight away for you.