We do not seek submissions to be included on our links page. But to save you the time, if you were thinking of contacting us, then you would not even get past first base in our consideration of your site unless you met these criteria.

First Base Consideration Criteria

Website Design
Your website must be clean and tidy. Easy to navigate. No popup advertising windows.

Contact Us Page
Your site must have an About Us or Contact Us page listing Email, Phone and Street addresses.

Secure Site
If you have an ecommerce system your payments page must be secure.

No Adult Content
Your website must not have any Adult content or link to any Adult content.

Advertising Ethics
You must not be involved in any spam advertising with unsolicited emails. Be a general all round good net citizen in the publics eye.

Products, Services and Information
Your website must have some broad interest and appeal with quality products and or services.


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