How long will it take?

What's the timing on receiving my order? We are currently quoting two timings.

Standard and Celloglazed Business Cards

5 working days from order to dispatch. Whilst most orders leave our premises within 3 days we do quote 5 days to allow for anything that may slow us down. You must then add the appropriate delivery time to your order for the post or Fedex to deliver them.

What is a Standard Card?

A standard card is one without celloglazing and not on the uncoated board. Standard can include front and back printing.

Celloglazed Cards

We offer both a matt and gloss celloglazed finish to cards. The matt finish is more popular and there is no extra time required for this process. The gloss finish may take a little longer. So allow the full 5 working days quoted for gloss celloglazing.

Uncoated Cards

Allow an extra 3 days for this finish. We are experiencing that the uncoated board is regularly using up the full 8 working days. So please prepare yourself for this couple of weeks to receive your uncoated cards.

Delivery Times

Australia. We use Australia Post - Express Overnight Satchels for our deliveries within Australia. So metropolitan areas generally receive an overnight delivery service whilst the regional areas vary 2 - 3 days. Check with Australia Post whether you are in an overnight area. We are dispatching from Sydney Metro each day.

Internationally we use Fedex International Priority. Timings range from 2 to 5 days worldwide. We typically see...

  • 1 day into New Zealand
  • 2 days into USA
  • 2 days into UK

Urgent Jobs?

If you are tight with timing, then please send us an email after you place your order and we will flag your order as Urgent. We will rush your order through for you. Usually within 24 hours - at no extra charge.